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Top Things to do in London

London is the one-stop destination for travelers from all over the world. It is the most visited place in Europe with the city being founded by the Romans for over centuries. Also, the city has a total of 27 million people coming every year. It's home to so many different attractions that London easily becomes a vacation fulfilling bucket list.  Some of the top things to do in London are listed as under:   Cruise on River Thames   The entire city of London was built surrounding the river. So, you are sure to get the best views by hitting the water on cruise themes. Take a cruise suiting to your taste with live jazz and fine dining going on. If you happen to visit London in the summer, try catching up on the film cruise. And, you will be fascinated by seeing a modern classic film on the cruise.   Westminster   Westminster is the very place that is home to the Houses of Parliaments along with the Famous Big Ben. The iconic bell tower chimes every hour and it is an attraction worth seeing. Westminster Abbey is open most days of the week. Furthermore, make sure to visit Parliament Square which has statues of various political leaders like Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill.   Soho   Soho has been for a very long time the base of the sex industry in London. It is now a vibrant place with sex shops lined up here and there. Soho is also popular as it is the center of the city's LGBTQ community, so check out on the lesbian bars right after sunset. The place also has numerous jazz bars making it one of the hottest cultural spots in town. Even during the day, the place is bustling with cafes and quaint bakeries. Stop for people watching while sipping coffee and indulging in delicious pastry.   Brick Lane   Being the heart of the Bangladeshi community in London, Brick Lane has a diverse neighborhood with road signs written in both English and Bengali. Also, it is an amazing spot for finding something spicy to eat. Look out for the street art and try out authentic South Asian desserts in many sweet shops located on the streets. SpiritAirlines Reservations provide great packages for visiting London and its exciting communities.   Platform 9 ¾    King's Cross has a station that opened way back in 1852. And recent renovations are made in the station giving it a sleek look. Try searching for the hidden tunnel having walls that light up with art. King's Cross station is best known for the Harry Potter adaptations. Now, visiting Platform 9 ¾ will be true and real.   Harrods   Harrods is the super luxurious and famous department store for the rich and elite of London. It was opened in 1824 spread across the number of floors made in the style of Harrod's themed halls. The Egyptian hall is a must-try with fashion being sold in opulent style where you will like a pharaoh while passing by. Harrods look extra special during Christmas with Christmas hampers kept for adding in the festivities. AmericanAirlines Reservations come up with amazing offers on flight tickets to London.  These are some of the amazing things to do while in London. Plan a trip soon and live your style in royal style in London.  See More : Southwest Airlines Reservations  

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