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6 Beautiful interesting facts about France

It is not possible that you are passionate about traveling and haven’t heard of France. Indeed, people who love to travel a lot start their touring endeavors with this country. Once you come here, you will be compelled to think that there is nowhere in the world quite like France. The sparkling streets, charming beaches, towering skyscrapers, and the serene villages add to the impressiveness of France. For the people who are coming here with PIA online booking for the first time, it is essential to be vigilant and execute plans with great caution. Furthermore, you also need to know some basic things about the tourism culture of France so that you can prevent unwarranted consequences. Here are some important things the first time travelers of France should be cognizant of. 1.    France Is the Most Visited Country in the World There are so many enthralling and exciting countries in the world, but no one is as much visited by the tourists as France. It is believed that over 30 million foreigners flood the streets of this country every year. It is certainly a staggering figure. There are a number of reasons for the popularity of France among the visitors. Its lights, the diversity in mountains, the impressive countryside, and the lenient regulations for foreigners make it an ideal place for holiday vacations. So, if you are planning to come here, keep in mind that you are going to explore the most visited country in the world. 2.    French People Love Receiving Compliments People in France will fall in love with you if you admire the choice of their clothes, food, and their personality. When they hear wonderful things about their country, they feel immensely happy. They believe that a person has done a great service to them by complimenting them. Not only will they help you in every aspect, but you will also be added to their good books. So, whether you are eating at a restaurant or are shopping from a brand outlet, never forget to appreciate the items. Otherwise, the French might think you are being rude to them. 3.    Very Few People Speak English People in France take pride in their language. They think that speaking a foreign language is a sign of enslavement and subservient. So, when you are in this country, you will not find so many people who could speak in English. Therefore, it is always good to learn some basic French phrases. Though the English-speaking people can be found in touristy areas like Paris and Avignon, most of the places are filled by the people who only speak French. There is no need to learn the entire language; you just need to know how to compliment others and how to ask for the routes. If you want to furnish your traveling tasks without a hitch, you should book cheap flights tickets for France in advance. 4.    The Ring Scam in France Ring scam is among the many fraudulent activities that the thugs use to beguile the foreign tourists. As you visit different places and enjoy the sights, a stranger will pass by and pick up a gold ring off the floor. He will then ask whether it belongs to you. As he gives you the ring, he will say “it must be your lucky day.” Immediately, he will ask you for the money, and his family will also appear from somewhere to pressure you into paying. Be mindful of these kinds of people as the ring that they give you is nothing more than a piece of copper or brass. 5.    The train is the Best Mode of Transportation Though French cities are full of several public transport facilities, train is undoubtedly the best amongst them. It is because it is not only affordable, but its operations also go smoothly throughout the year. The services of train start in the early hours of dawn and run until very late in the evening. Similarly, all the trains are manned by the security guards, meaning that your journey would be completely safer. Not only that, but trains also have built-in eating places where you can conveniently satiate your hunger. Therefore, you should prefer train ride whenever going outside a city. 6.    You Can Even Marry a Dead Person in France There is a law in France that allows people to marry posthumously. However, it is mandatory to prove that the dead person had the intention to marry you. Similarly, you also need to tell the official authorities that you had received permission from the French president. This law is enacted to let the people fulfill their wishes in case their loved ones die. The most recent cast of the posthumous wedding was reported in 2017. Conclusion It is better for travelers to keep enhancing their exposure of tourism. And undoubtedly, France is a country where the visitors will learn a plethora of interesting things. So, pack your bags, and visit faremakers.com to book online tickets for France.

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