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Southwest Airlines Reservations Baggage Pet and Cancellation Policy

Are you curious to know various reservation-related details about Southwest Airlines? Well, in such a condition, this page is the most reliable choice for you to receive the required knowledge. The reservation policy of Southwest Airlines is very much flexible and provides a very genuine platform for booking. Moreover, Southwest Airlines has an individual policy for luggage allowance and pet travel. Southwest Airlines also permit passengers to cancel their booked flight in an urgent situation. Hence, all these information about Southwest Airlines is discussed below in brief.How to Process Southwest Airlines Reservations?If you want to understand Southwest Airlines Reservation process, kindly refer to the enlisted steps:Visit the official web page of SouthwestThen go to Book a Flight tab and open itNext, choose a trip from one-way or roundHereafter, enter your departure and arrival cityAlso, provide the departure and return travel dateEnter passengers number and press searchThen all flights available as per your need will appearSelect a fitting flight among all for final bookingAt last, pay for the flight for the confirmed bookingWhat is The Baggage Policy of Southwest Airlines?Southwest Airlines provide proper guidance on how much luggage you can take for travel. The rules to describe Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy are listed below:You are allowed to bring 1 carry-on bag plus 1 personal item in the flight cabin of maximum size up to 10x16x24.You have permission to bring only 1 checked bag for free, of size up to 62 inches and weighing less than 50 pounds.Southwest Airlines extra weight fee is 75 dollars for bringing bags more than 50 pounds up to a maximum limit of 100 pounds.Similarly, Southwest Airlines charge 75 dollars for bringing a checked bag of size more than 62-inch maximum up to 80 inches.What is The Policy for Pet Travel on Southwest Airlines?Southwest Airlines Pet Policy describes the conditions for bringing a pet companion during the journey. The most significant facts defining the pet policy of Southwest are as below:As per Southwest pet policy, just 6 pets are permitted in a single flight, for which space is allotted on first come first serve basis.You have permission to bring only 1 small pet cat or dog in the cabin and settle it under the front seat.The pet carrier should of size 17x9.5x10, also ventilated and leak-proof. You can keep up to 2 pets of same species in a single pet carrier.You have to pay 95 dollars for pet reservation, the service is only available on domestic flightsPets barking or growling at the people can be denied by the officer to travel in flight.What are the conditions for canceling a Southwest flight?The rules defining Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy for an urgent situation are listed below:You can cancel a booked flight freely within 24-hours from the original booking. Whereas for canceling a flight after a specified time limit you need to pay the service fee.Anytime fare and business class tickets are allowed to cancel up to 10 minutes for a full refundWanna get away fare are non-refundable, still, you can receive the refund in future wallet form for canceling it up to 10 minutes before departure.Therefore, most of the necessary details related to the Southwest Airlines Reservations service are explained above. Besides, you have the option to contact the Southwest customer support on the available phone number. Hence, you can ask them any other reservation query you have in mind.

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