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Marriage to divorce at a rebate

Bottle in hand once again, Bob was drowning his worries of a bad marriage and growing debt with the tantalizing effects of alcohol. It used to be once a week, but now many of the regulars at the corner pub thinks he is the owner. Filing his glass to the rim like a precision automated filling machine, he then scoops done the cold dry beer, inching away to his happy place. This is where Bob forgets his problems and like a meditating guru he enjoys life around himself, slowly breathing the stale air of the decade old pub.Back in the real world, bob's soon to be ex-wife is surfing the Net in search of a solution to her own problem. The constant lack of presence of her husband Bob has been seriously undermining their relationship for several years now, while he usually comes home early, Bob's preoccupied state would usually last till morning. Not the type of life a newly we'd looking to have a stable family life would be looking for in a husband. Here eye's stop at a title on the first page of Google search "Marriage to Divorce 50% off", the website offers a quick divorce within 24 hours; you fill out a form with your information, pay by credit card and press send. Just like that click-click, type-type and you will receive your legal forms by mail.It usually takes months of preparation and thousands of dollars to have the once in the lifetime wedding, people eating and drinking, telling stories of the long journey the bride and groom could expect to have in the years to come. But now, innovation like the Internet and our rapid pace in life are key motivation points to prepare a legal divorce proceeding online in mere minutes. The complicated process of filing for divorce in the old days (before the advent of good Internet services) would serve as a deterrent for people looking to change their husband or wife for a newer model. Today, high speed internet and rapid courier services can enable us to get married and legally divorced in the same month.  This explains why more than 60% of couples in the US divorce before finalizing their two years of marriage, luckily the tradition of having physical contact only after marriage were lost with the cart and horse.Instead of having that couple talk and finding a solution to the real family problem, Bob's wife will solve her own problem by getting rid of Bob. After filling for the online divorce and serving herself a hot cup of coco, she will go on one of the many online dating services and find a replacement, like shopping online for a spare part for your vacuum cleaner, you can now divorce your husband and find a new boyfriend in the same night.Isn't technology great?Technology is not only increasing productivity in our life, but is also remapping the social landscape with convenience and high speed communication. The popularity of a quick divorce will unfortunately be a new standard in modern relationships.

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