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Stylish Nappy Bags – Diaper Bags Come into their Own

First,pregnant women changed the look of maternity wear. Now, mums are changing thelook of diaper bags. Big, bland, boring bags are things of the past. Today adiaper bag carries nappies this year, becomes a handbag next year. Stylishnappy bags have taken over the diaper bag stage. They come in every fashionablecolour, in every trendy silhouette. Mums carry them like the fashionaccessories they have become. The best part is these fashionable bags are stillfully functional diaper bags. Form and function have been combined. The resultis bags that set the trends, not just follow them. You can have a funky nappybag or a stylishly sleek diaper bag or any style diaper carryall you want. Stylishnappy bags first showed up about ten years ago. Women used to carrying thelatest designer bags decided they weren’t going to be burdened with uglycarryalls. Many popular diaper bag styles started out in the heads of womendissatisfied with the bags they were offered. They blended the necessaryfeatures of old style bags with the verve of fashion forward bags. Some of themost successful diaper bag brands are headed by mothers. Their success prompteddesigners of traditional bags to enter the diaper bag market. Today, any bagyou see being carried down the street probably has a diaper bag counterpart.  Moreand more stylish nappy bags appeared when it became apparent that mums weren’tgoing to settle for less. Over time these new bags became even more useful thanthe old bags had been. You can find designer diaper satchels with washableinner linings. Diaper carriers based on the hobo silhouette feature insulatedbottle pockets. Nappy barrel bags have pockets designed to hold changing pads.Many diaper bags now come with their own line of coordinated adult accessories.Prices are reasonable enough that some women have one, two or even severaldiaper bags. Withouta doubt, mums will continue to want fashion forward diaper bags. This demandguarantees that fashionable diaper carriers are here to stay. The trends you’reseeing on the runway today will likely end up with a diaper bag version in thenear future. Some trends taking root in diaper bags may be translated intohandbags. Becoming a mum doesn’t mean you lose your sense of style. In fact,motherhood unleashes a whole new facet of your personality. Express that newfound aspect with stylish nappy bags.

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